On repurposing an old book ….

Kerouac: The Definitive Biography and Kerouac: His Life and Work, though they continue to garner respectable plaudits from readers, they have been unceremoniously dropped from the publisher with the exception of a Kindle version. Rowman & Littlefield’s tactic is simple; they don’t have to print more books, but can continue to keep my copyrighted work by keeping it as an epub forever and a day, thus denying not only me but my heirs a chance to revitalize the work in the future.

In defiance of this, I have taken Kerouac: His Life & Work, changed the title and expanded upon the original book with a plethora of new information, with its primary focus in the formative decade of the 1940s. This last part, too, was meant to be another book a few years back for Southern Illinois University Press until I shared its premise with the biggest idea thief in Kerouac studies, Joyce Johnson. Having more ideas and originality than her, I pulled my manuscript from SIUP and instead, reworked the entire trajectory of the book. She can have my leftovers, it’s fine with me.

So here, in this blog, I will share excerpts from the work-in-progress which I plan to complete sometime this year as well as my experiences in researching the work itself.












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