Caroline & Jack Kerouac – March 1944


The Kerouacs in March 1943.

Kerouac is in his Naval Air Force V-12 uniform to which he was stripped of after dropping out of Columbia. He was no longer eligible by December 1942. This places this photo, discovered by Dave Moore, to be in Lowell, Massachusetts where they lived at Crawford Street residence.

Kerouac returned to Lowell in January 1943 and left for boot camp by March ’43. Nin joined WACs after leaving Sullivan Brothers in early March 1943.

By mid-March, Leo was working in Meriden , CT. and Gabrielle was at her stepmother’s home entertaining possibilities of running it as a boarding house (she didn’t). After that date, JK was alone at Crawford Street (attested by his letter to Sebastian Sampas in mid-March) JK failed his air test on 15 March (which reduced his rate to a Seaman Apprentice).

This firmly places the photo in the timeline of the first 2 weeks of March 1943, in Lowell.


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